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Terms of use

Access and usage of website electrica.it (hereinafter “website”) are regulated by following General Usage Conditions. Access to website and usage, as long as buying products in it presented, imply the reading, knowledge and acceptance of these General Usage Conditions.
Electrica’s website is managed and maintained by Electrica s.r.l. with registered office in Via Privata della Torre 24, 20127 Milano; VAT number IT08357940157 (hereinafter “Electrica”).

Electrica can modify or simply update, even partly, these General Usage Conditions. Users will be notified of any modification and update of General Usage Conditions via the home page as soon as adopted, all modifications and updates will be considered binding as soon as published in the website in this section. Access and usage of the website imply the user is accepting present usage conditions.

Access to and usage of the website, including webpage visualization, communication with Electrica, possibility to download information on products and purchase of those very same products over the web are activities carried out by the user only for personal purposes with no commercial, entrepreneurial or professional aim.
Each user is personally responsible for website usage and related content. Electrica cannot be held responsible for the usage if this is not adhering to current law regulation, this includes the website usage and content fruition by each user except for malice or gross negligence. In particular, each user will be the one and only accountable for communicating information and data not correct, false or related to third parties without having their explicit consent and in relation of a not correct usage of data.
All material obtained via download or otherwise using provided services is accessed by choice and risk of the user, therefore any responsibility for occurring damages to computer devices/systems or any data loss occurring because of downloading activities will be falling on the user and no charge can be placed on Electrica.

Electrica declines any responsibility for damages coming from unavailability of services provided via Electrica website and for any damage that may be caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service disruptions, content deletions, network related problems, Internet Service Provider issues, electronic or telephone connections, unauthorized accesses, data alterations and user’s devices malfunctions or lack of proper functioning.
Each user is accountable for maintaining and correctly using his/her own personal information including all credentials needed to access reserved services. This includes any harmful consequence or prejudice that may come against Electrica or third parties deriving from a not correct usage, loss or theft of such credentials.

Please refer to Privacy Policy section for further details. The Privacy Policy applies also when a user accesses the website using the provided services and no purchase is done.

Website content such as logos, images, photos, documents, technical data sheets and any other material available on the website in any format including menus, webpages, graphics, colors, schemes, tools, characters, website design, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software are protected by copyright law and by any other intellectual property right of Electrica and of the other subjects entitled.
It is forbidden to reproduce as a whole or in part, in any form, the website and its content without an explicit written consent by Electrica.

Electrica has the exclusive right to authorize or forbid the direct or indirect copy, whether temporary or permanent, of the website and of the content in any way or form, in part or as a whole.
Each user is authorized to view the website and its content to fulfill only those temporary reproduction activities, with no economic effect, that are to be considered transitory or ancillary, essential part of website content visualization and all other activities part of normal regular navigation operations managed to get to a legitimate usage of the website and of its content.
The user in not authorized to perform reproduction of the website and of its content, even in part, on any mean or device. Any reproduction must be, each time, authorized by Electrica and always performed for lawful purposes and in respect of copyright law and of any other intellectual property owned by Electrica.
The user commits to respect the copyright law of all subjects publishing content on the website and, in no case, is authorized to use, in any way and by any mean, the content of website protected by copyright law or by any other intellectual property right.

All other distinctive signs identifying the products available on the website are registered trademarks of related owners and they are used with the sole purpose of characterize and describe the products.
Electrica and all other trademarks owners are allowed to make use of the trademarks they have ownership on. Any usage of mentioned trademarks not in accordance with the law or not authorized is forbidden and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It is in no way allowed to use mentioned trademarks or any other distinctive mark available on the website to unduly benefit from the distinctiveness or reputation of these trademarks in order to bring prejudice to the trademarks themselves or to their owners.

The website contains hypertext links (in the following “links”) to other websites that have no connection with Electrica website. Electrica does not manage nor performs any monitoring activity on these websites and on their content. Electrica cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites or for the rules or policies they adopt.
Therefore the user is required to read carefully the usage conditions and the privacy regulations. These General Conditions of Usage and the Electrica website Privacy Policy, indeed, do not apply for any other website not managed by Electrica.
Electrica website provides links to other websites with the sole purpose of helping the users search and navigate and to ease the hypertextual link to other websites.
Activating these links is not implying any recommendation or remark made by Electrica on how to navigate these websites nor is providing any assurance over their content, the services they provide or the goods they sell.
If a user is interested to activate links to the home page or any other publicly accessible page of the website, he/she must contact Electrica using the email address webmaster@electrica.it in order to get permission for the hypertext link activation.
Link activation is allowed by Electrica to whomever requires it, not exclusively and with no fee upon user requirement verification. Electrica can object to the activation of direct links to Electrica website if the requiring subject has engaged in commercial practices unfair or not complying to the business sector’s customs and practices or if the requiring subject has been involved in the past in unfair competition towards Electrica or if Electrica fears these kinds of behavior can be adopted in the future; this includes any action that may discredit Electrica, its website or its services.
In any case activation of deep hypertextual links (such as deep frames or deep links) is forbidden along with not authorized usage of meta-tags without Electrica explicit written consen

Electrica has put a lot of work in preventing the publication on the website for content showing physical or psychological violence or content that may be perceived, according to user personal sensibility, as damaging civil rights, human rights and people dignity in all its forms and expressions.
In any case Electrica is not guaranteeing that the website content is appropriate or legitimate in any other country apart from Italy. However, should the content be perceived as illegal or not legitimate in other country then the access to the website is not recommended. If the user decides to access anyways, in any case, the usage he/she will do of provided services will be under his/her own personal responsibility.
Furthermore, Electrica has adopted any precaution to ensure the users that the website content is accurate and it’s not containing any incorrect or not updated information with reference to the publication date and, if possible, also afterwards.
However, Electrica is not taking any responsibility concerning data accuracy and content completeness for any content published in the website excluding its responsibility for malice or gross negligence and excluding what explicitly required by law.
Electrica cannot ensure the website continuous availability, with no service disruption and without any errors or malfunctions attributable to internet connection. For any issue concerning website usage please send an email to webmaster@electrica.it. A prompt response will be given in order to help and restore the website access functionality, if possible.
In the same way, we kindly recommend to contact your own Internet Service Provider and to check each device for internet connection and internet content access settings, including the web browser.
Even if Electrica will do anything in its power to ensure a continuous and working access to its website the volatile nature of the Internet and of its content can cause the impossibility for the website to work without suspensions, interruptions or discontinuities attributable to the need for updates.
Electrica has adopted technical and organizational measures meant to protect the security of the services provided via the website, the integrity of all internet traffic data and electronic communications in relation to all usage and knowledge forms not allowed. Using the same measures dispersion risks, data loss or theft concerning private or public information about users or not authorized and unlawful accesses can be avoided.

Missing or delayed exercise of Electrica’s entitled rights, based on these Terms of Usage, is not implying in any way the waiver of these rights. These Terms of Usage are subject and must interpreted according to Italian law. Any dispute that may arise in relation to these Terms of Usage will be competence of the court of Milan.

Last updated: 04/08/2017