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World class manufacturer of motor protectors and start relays for electric motors and of microswitches.


    Elettrotecnica Rini

    Elettrotecnica Rini starts in 1956, manufacturing electrical components for the refrigeration market and  microswitches for industrial automation.


    AMF Electrica SPA

    The company becomes a division of AMF inc. as AMF Electrica S.p.a. Office automation and international culture are the new basis for the company growth.


    Electrica s.r.l.

    AMF sells its divisions. The Company becomes an Italian private owned Company. Quick reaction and decision making are the key elements for the modern company.

Electrica is a vertically integrated company.
Tools for molding parts, assembly machines and test equipment are mostly designed and developed internally. Continuous investments in newer equipment give to Electrica the strenght to face floating market changes and conditions with flexibility and quick reaction.
The company can co-operate with premium customers on global matters like safety, latest Standards, compliance to no-hazardous substances and attention for the environment.
Technology and production equipment are constantly being updated to improve competitive position in the marketplace. Automation is the key element to obtain productivity, reliability and quality consistency.