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Overload Protectors
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Single phase induction motors need a device to start under load conditions.

We propose the following range of relays:

Current Type
Gravity type relay used on domestic and light to medium power commercial refrigeration from 1/20hp to about 1/3hp. Also used for applications such as food mixers or coffee grinders.
Product Data Sheet  
Adapters to transform the MTRP plug-in relay into a bracket-mount relay:
ADFT - Fixing by means of two vertical self tapping screws      
ADTE - Fixing by means of the ear tab on a vertical surface      
MTRP determination procedure, according to motor characteristics  
Potential Type
Used on larger commercial applications and air conditioning. Also used for submersible pumps, floor cleaning and other applications requiring high starting torque for motors from 1/2hp to about 3hp
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RVA determination procedure, according to motor characteristics  
RVA relay versus GE 3ARR3 relay conversion sheets  
PTC Type
P Series plug-in type  
Used for domestic refrigeration compressors.
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Energy Saving Type
It saves energy by combining the advantages of PTC and current-type electro-mechanical starters.
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MTP determination procedure, according to motor characteristics  
Electrica's starting relays are approved by UL and EN Standard. They bear the CE marking.